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I look forward to visiting your meetings or studies.

Loved your message on Matthew 18:18 . It cleared things up for me about fighting FROM victory NOT
Fighting FOR victory. KJV has it ALL WRONG!
Bless you for the uncompromised way you deliver the Truth of Gods Word! It is setting the captives free when they hear it taught correctly! Bless you Bro.
Binding and loosing is being on the defense. Permitting or not permitting is being on the offense.
We WIN EVERY TIME . That gives new meaning to what Jesus said. IT IS FINISHED. Period.

Love and Blessings from Russ and Margo

I really enjoyed the fellowship and praise & worship at the men's breakfast. I definitely left not the same way I came in. Feeling blessed and highly favored.

love you brother

Blessed on Saturday morning at Star of David. First time slayed against skin cancer. I felt the anointing must stay humble in the covering of the Holy Spirit. God will use us if we stay out of his way, Amen.

Just stopping in to say hello !!
Thank God for straight forward men of God who actually listen for God's voice and direction. I took the word to heart tonight .. Very sobering...
God bless this ministry richly ..

I'm so blessed and humbled to be able to be a supporter and part of it ...
Thank you Lord!

Stopped by to look at iteniary our cousin Lauralee is planning to be in modesto in a few weeks and wishes to go to church and hear you preach.

Hello Pastor Alan, I was introduced to you through a mutual pastor friend Frank Flores who tells me you have a love for motorcycles, as do I.

I pastor a small congregation in Covina, Ca but I wanted to reach out to you and your ministry and say hello.

May the good LORD continue to shower you with His countenance Pastor!

Pastor Jesse <><

I'm glad I found your site, thank you for your ministry!